The Legendary Race goes On-Line



The international circuit Gran Fondo Giro d'Italia is looking for a new web presence, able to describe the races, locations and the imprint of the most famous cycling race in the world.

The project's development followed two specific directions.


An international Editorial Staff

Given the international nature of the project, the strong editorial component he has driven us to create a tool that would be administrated by several teams at the same time, located different countries.


An immediate User Experience

The design conforms to the Giro d’Italia look and feel and gives instant access to informations, races and locations, combining an editorial system with a visual style based on large format images.



The homepage can host up to five different ADV spaces:


  • Skin
  • Medium rectangle
  • Box Promo
  • Strillo bacheca
  • Strip


Every detail page includes:


  • Skin
  • Medium rectangle

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