Bianchi e Nardi

Luxury handbags, since 1946

Bianchi e Nardi

A historic manufacturer of fine leather handbags, Bianchi and Nardi 1946 was born in a small laboratory in post-war Florence. After a few years the special processing of the crocodile leather leads to a continuous growth in Italy and internationally. Now, the third generation of BeN leads the new maison to create new luxury handbag collections.


Within a multi-channel communication strategy, Bianchi e Nardi 1946 needed repetition, a constant and consistent element. The octagonal monogram was transformed into a pattern with different levels of depth to give movement to the application surface.

Bianchi e Nardi


The campaign aimed to represent the ideal Bianchi e Nardi woman: an independent and established woman, inserted in an urban context. The look on the scene is natural, the shots are almost "stolen", while the protagonist walks through the city.

Bianchi e Nardi


We have produced still life photographs to create the look book and all the materials needed by the sales force and the press. In particular for the eCommerce section.

Bianchi e Nardi


Milano Fashion Week is an international event where fashion brands create unique events as a fundamental touchpoint in the relationship with their customers. The concepts for Bianchi and Nardi 1946 events aimed at enhancing their luxury bags collections by creating original installations, in harmony with the prestigious locations.

Bianchi e Nardi
Bianchi e Nardi


eCommerce website designed for the purchase of Bianchi e Nardi products: fine leather handbags with a unique character.
The purchase experience was integrated with the brand's storytelling to enhance the brand's emotional side and values.

Bianchi e Nardi


The creation of the editorial plan and social management made it necessary to produce photographs in different locations, between Milan, Florence and New York.
The choice of the right photographer, model and the most suitable locations were key elements in the success of the project.

Bianchi e Nardi

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