A new race has born to brake all records in
Triathlon Xtreme long distance competitions.


With a great experience in the organisation of triathlon and paratriathlon competitions, the Ecorace team approached Nuvicom looking to give a face and a voice to their new project: the creation of an extreme triathlon competition that could become a new landmark in the Italian and European scene

The 3.8 km swim will lead you to dive into the waters of Lago del Gallo
The bike course consist in 195 Km with approximately 5000m of elevation, crossing the Stelvio Pass thowards the neighbouring Switzerland; the race ends after 42,2 Km run with departure from Trepalle Livigno and
arrival in Carousel 3000.

Black and white is the soul of ICON's communication.
Our main activities:

  • Naming
  • Logo design and payoff
  • Visual styleguide
  • Video Promo
  • Web Design and development
  • Prize design
  • Apparel design and merchandisign
  • ADV spaces

The typical element in the name of extreme triathlon races is the “man” suffix, taken from the famous Ironman competition. We thought of something completely different.

Our work has been inspired by a simple idea:the union of phisical performance with spiritual approach. Two elements that allow all athletes to face such a challenge.

Black and white is the soul of icon’s communication. The style is apparently classic, contaminated by extremely modern fonts and spaces.


Icon is one of the most xtreme frontiers of triathlon, something to aspire to.

The teasing campaign has been designed as a crescendo, with a specific focus on social networks targeting at triathlon athletes, and extreme sports addicted.
The Big Idea has been translated into different promos and videos, aiming at teasing the audience, presenting the team and explaining the race challenges.

We worked on a 3 step launch:

  • Social Teasing
  • Video Release
  • Registration Opening

We have designed in detail every component of the race, from technical manuals to the flags of the course, from finisher t-shirts to medals, symbol of the competition.


becomes Atoms

Three years after joining Retex Group, the Nuvicom team grows again
and becomes Atoms, an Experience Design Studio where creativity,
design and technology come together to create unique and meaningful experiences.

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