Digital Campus: a place to recognise our own potential and think digital


IFOA is a Training Provider, created 50 years ago by the will of the Chambers of Commerce, and an Employment Agency for cultivating talent, offering valuable knowledge to people, companies and territories.

The Digital Campus project aims at bringing together all of IFOA's digital training offerings in one place. Working alongside IFOA, Nuvicom has defined the positioning of the new brand, designing values and identity.


Inspired by the world of technology and digital know-how, the new Campus identity is focused on a young audience with high aspirations, communicating through saturated colors and a fresh, versatile graphic style that adapts well to different media (print, web).

The logo is inspired by the imagery of networking, by the patterns created from printed circuits that turn three-dimensional, becoming an ideal building, a place for growth and education.



To provide communication materials and content for the campus website, we designed and directed a photo shoot at the IFOA headquarters in Reggio Emilia, involving teachers and students. The result is a series of shots with an authentic flavor that help communicate the spirit of IFOA, its mission and its vision.



We have chosen a fresh and vital look and feel. A young site for young people, which moves away from the typical institutional look of education, both in aesthetics and tone of voice.

The goal is to inform and communicate in a simple way, providing only the essential information.

The big challenge was to integrate the course section and the enrolment procedure with the client's management system, combining the new look with functionality.


Today Campus Digitale site is a meeting place for young people looking at the future and companies looking for valid resources.

becomes Atoms

Three years after joining Retex Group, the Nuvicom team grows again
and becomes Atoms, an Experience Design Studio where creativity,
design and technology come together to create unique and meaningful experiences.

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