Tenute Lunelli

A VR immersive experience

Tenute Lunelli

An interactive experience in virtual reality, created to enhance the evocative paths of the Lunelli Winery. A journey to discover a unique place, surrounded by the Tuscan hills, dedicated to the production of the famous Teuto and other excellences of the Podernovo estate.

Tenute Lunelli


The experience has been designed for the Oculus system and allows navigation between environments thanks to the use of touch controllers. The system does not require the use of cables, offering the possibility to move freely between rooms.


The storytelling of the brand is spread between the various environments, thanks to the use of hotspots located next to the elements of interest. Each hotspot tells a part of the bigger story, allowing the user to access the relevant information.
The visitors can move between the rooms following the paths indicated by the icons.

Tenute Lunelli
Tenute Lunelli
Tenute Lunelli


The first step in creating the environments was the choice of the location inside and around the winery. The shooting process, profoundly different from the traditional one, requires specific attention to the point of view of the end user, both in terms of perspectives and of hierarchical ordering of information.

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