WeChat Official Account


Valentino is one of the most famous brands in the world.
The Maison plays a major role in luxury lifestyle, as a combination between tradition and innovation.

Valentino was among the first companies to look to the Cinese market and to new digital communication ecosystems choosing Wechat, one of the largest platforms in China with over 1 billion users, as one of the main touchpoints in its communication stragtegy.

We designed the brand's Official Account, an advanced interactive experience to enhance the storytelling of the brand and the prestige of the Maison and the collections.



The approach to the OA has been driven by the transformation of the aesthetic elements of the different collections into an interactive storytelling experience, specifically designed for each product category. A different way of browsing each section, with different advanced animation to attract Chinese users and make them interact in an original way with the brand.


The traditional Western web navigation codes have been translated into Eastern ones, as an important step of the cultural mediation process.


The spirit of Rockstud collection required a dedicated creativity: the style is represented by studded details declined in shoes, bags and accessories. The design aimed at enhancing the photographic shots, animating the stylistic elements of the campaign.


becomes Atoms

Three years after joining Retex Group, the Nuvicom team grows again
and becomes Atoms, an Experience Design Studio where creativity,
design and technology come together to create unique and meaningful experiences.

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