Digital Experiences

Digital Experiences

It's not just about producs and features, it's about how we feel using them. We experience what inspires us.

Master Yoda

Deceive you, eyes can.
In the force, very different
each one of you are.

Master Yoda


Retail means more than walking into a store and making a purchase.
It’s no longer enough simply to greet customers, offer personalized recommendations, and get them out the door with a seamless checkout process. Brands now have to push the boundaries of the in-store and online experience, involving their customers into a personal and unforgettable journey.

As technology becomes more powerful and invisible, user experience design is now a guide for human interaction with information and content. New criteria, based on adding emotional layers between the products and the public, are leading strategy and design, reinventing digital experiences day by day. As a consequence, what just five years ago was perceived as untraditional, is now the new normal, leaving the stage to Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, sensors’ interaction or real time 3d, possibily based on real time data.

This is what we do.
Taking communication to a step forward, making it meaningful, memorable and remarkable.
And, of course, shoppable…



  • Creative Concepts
  • Creative & Art Direction
  • Pre-Visualization

UX, UI & Interaction

  • eCommerce
  • Web/App Design & Dev
  • Graphic and Motion Design
  • Interactive Design
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • 360° Experiences

Content production

  • Video Production
  • Photo Shooting
  • POS Materials
  • Event Design

becomes Atoms

Three years after joining Retex Group, the Nuvicom team grows again
and becomes Atoms, an Experience Design Studio where creativity,
design and technology come together to create unique and meaningful experiences.

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