Road to China

Road to China

A huge opportunity for western brands to reach a billion of netizens, that requires specific skills and knowledge.

Italo Calvino

If I tell you that the city toward which my journey tends is discontinuous in space and time, now scattered, now more condensed, you must not believe the search for it can stop.

Italo Calvino

 Road to China

In many market segments, China is an essential target for Western brands, representing at least one third of world demand.

In order to address more than a billion users in the correct way, it is essential to carefully combine the brand's identity with the local mindset and, of course, to use the right channels. Starting with WeChat, the daily companion of Chinese people, and continuing with Weibo, Baidu, Tik Tok and many other, the Chinese audience look at digital experiences as part of their daily lives.

The boundaries between physical and digital experiences in China are already fallen, especially when it comes to retail. Due to the advanced Chinese ecosystem, the integration between digital features and real life has become so powerful that people use their smartphones to control home lighting, unlock hotel doors, transfer money, pay in-store, ride-hailing, to book appointments, apply for visas and many other activities. A great example is WeChat: a swiss army knife, with more than a billion users, that combines all these features with the power of a socialnetwork.
A huge opportunity for western brands, that requires knowledge of the Chinese culture, of the target audience and their communication codes.

Our approach is brand based. Our branding skills allow us to understand the brand positioning and essence, find the right tone of voice for the Chinese market and design the best experience possible on digital platforms and in store.

As part of the Retex Group, Nuvicom is operating with Retex China, a Tencent / WeChat official trusted partner.



  • Positioning Support
  • Consumer Research
  • Cultural Mediation
  • Brand Identity for China

Communication and Digital Engagement

  • WeChat Account design
  • Campaign design and
    Management on the Main
    Digital Media

Chinese Website Ecommerce

  • User Experience
    and Design
  • Development

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and becomes Atoms, an Experience Design Studio where creativity,
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